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und auch für voxid…

The Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB) reviewed our album „VOXID“.
With 4.7 of max 5 points we are happy to have received a very high grade and a lovely feedback. Thank you so much, we are overwhelmed! Here are some extracts what they say about our music:

On the one hand — original songwriting! All the way through! On top of great voices, good production, good English diction (never a given with German groups) and a groove you can bounce to.

VOXID’s self-titled album strikes a fantastic balance between modern pop, vocal jazz, and R&B throughout the five tracks that will make you feel a whirlwind of emotions.

VOXID really shows the a cappella community what can be done with extra thought and creativity in the arrangements — the group don’t just stick to one genre, one dynamic level, or even one or two syllables, which is trap that some groups fall into.

VOXID, the first album by the German group formerly known as tonalrausch, consists of five well-written, energetically-peformed, and ably-produced tracks — but to view it simply as a collection of songs betrays a profound misunderstanding of the almost forgotten art of making an album flow well. And boy, does VOXID know how to make an album flow.

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